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Boosting sales within seconds for just 8¢ a minute

With offers crafted for every preference that resonate uniquely with each company, ensuring a perfect fit for all.


Connect Your Numbers

Using your in house PBX you can connect your companies phone numbers to start making and receiving AI calls


Train your AI agents

Add information about your company as well as the products and services that yyou sell


Add your customers

Add your customer calling lists that the AI agents would begin to call


Create & run Campaigns

Set up your campaigns to start making or receiving calls to/from your customers

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Discover Our Unique Ai Capabilities

We offer a variety of unique and revolutionary A.I features that hasn't been done before.

Works 24/7

Our AI sales agent is tireless, operating around the clock to ensure your business never misses an opportunity. Available 24/7, it's designed to keep your sales pipeline active and efficient.

Calls Instantly

Experience the speed of instant connectivity. Our AI agent initiates calls immediately upon lead identification, ensuring prompt and timely engagement with potential customers.

Unlimited Phone Calls

Capable of making an unlimited number of calls, this AI agent ensures that your business can reach out to an expansive audience without limitations, maximizing your market reach.

Sales Booster

Engineered to boost your sales, our AI agent utilizes advanced algorithms to engage effectively, identify customer needs, and present tailored solutions, driving your sales numbers higher.

Safe Phone Calls

Prioritizing call safety and compliance, our AI agent adheres to the highest standards of data security and privacy, ensuring safe and secure interactions for your business and your clients.

Well Trained

Our AI agent is trained on vast datasets and real-world scenarios, ensuring knowledgeable, context-aware interactions that build trust and effectively communicate your value proposition.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PBX?
Benefits of using a PBX with Olimi AI?
What PBX software do I need to use?
Can You Help Me Purchase And Setup My PBX?
I don’t want to set up a PBX, I just want to test your service.
How Does Olimi AI Ensure Data Security and Privacy?

Pricing Plans

We believe in providing options that resonate uniquely with each individual, ensuring a perfect fit for all. Please contact us for a more personalised pricing plan that best suits you.

Basic Plan
100 minutes of calls
3 AI Trained Agents
10 Saved Introduction Sentences
10 Ai Suggested Sentences
3 phones Numbers connected
1 Simultaneous calls
Email Support
Free Trial
Standard Plan
555 minutes of calls
5 AI Trained Agents
18 Saved Introduction Sentences
18 Ai Suggested Sentences
5 phones Numbers connected
2 Simultaneous calls
Live Chat
Free Trial
Premium Plan
1,250 minutes of calls
8 AI Trained Agents
25 Saved Introduction Sentences
25 Ai Suggested Sentences
8 phones Numbers connected
3 Simultaneous calls
Live Phone Support
Free Trial
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We'll Handle Your Customers with our Advanced Chatbots

Email AI

Organise, priorities and respond to your companies customers emails as well as providing instant replies based on the content in the email.

Whatsapp Chatbot

Provide a personalised whatsapp chat support with a pre trained AI agent to quickly respond to your customers.